Saturday, February 4, 2012

Josh Hamilton has fallen, but God is there for him

Josh Hamilton press conference
Courtesy: CBS — Click to enlarge
Texas Rangers OF Josh Hamilton was the subject of sports headlines this week but not for reasons he would want. Josh Hamilton admits to relapsing and having several drinks of alcohol this week.

What this teaches us is that the addiction is never truly broken and is always in the back of the affected person's mind waiting to break out. Regardless. The fight to stay sober does not end til the day we pass on. Josh Hamilton is a human being and made a mistake.

But instead of hiding it and getting in deeper, he took the high road, he stopped and faced the problem head on. He held a press conference yesterday. This shows the character of Josh Hamilton. It shows that he's got the will to beat this again. He's a kind person and is worthy of forgiveness from his fans, regardless of team affiliation. This is not a baseball story, this is a life story that happens to involve a baseball player.

Hamilton did what I'm sure many alcoholics who have not had successful rehabs could do, he faced his demons and won. He relapsed, but he will beat this demons again. Why? Because he has faith in Jesus Christ on his side, not to mention the will to beat it like I mentioned earlier. His demons will not consume him again like they did during the time that cost him several years of his pro career.

No, this time Josh will beat them like he did in 2009 and will go on to win awards this 2012 season. Because with Jesus, there is nothing you can't do. Jesus will carry him in this time he's fallen.

In a few months, this will be old news, and the honorable baseball role model we've come to expect from Mr. Hamilton will be back. In fact, in my personal opinion, young fans should use this trial Josh is going through as inspiration to never drink or do drugs.

Josh Hamilton is a miraculous story, he fell, God caught him and put him back on the right path. He's fallen a couple more times since, but God has not left his side. God will be there for Mr. Hamilton, as he is always there for all of us.