Sunday, January 29, 2012

A story of New Years' stupidity on the Simple English Wikipedia

About 10pm my time on the 30th of December, I wrote "Happy new Year!" on Simple Talk (ST), and bluegoblin7 (aka bleep) removed it and said I was offtopic and gave me an only warning. I took to IRC and tried to initiate a private discussion with him. He then proceeded to copy and paste my comments to him to a public forum where Kennedy (aka Normandy) promptly started yelling at me for starting a religious war cause the calendar celebrating the new year was the "Christian calendar".

I called him a few names and tried to reason with him that this was stupid and that everyone in the civil world would be celebrating the new year. He said it was beside the point because I had been warned against putting blanket holiday messages on ST before and I violated it again (even though he himself in 2010 did an April Fool's blanket message on ST). So I tried to move on and make a joke out of it, and stupidly created a twitter account the next day (@BG7says) where I would post quotes by him from IRC and Wikipedia that I thought were him being too up tight to try and get him to lighten up.

Only three people knew of the account, or so I thought (Gordonrox24, orashmatash and PiRSquared), PiR later admitted to ratting me out to Kennedy, who promptly warned me about putting libelious stuff and personally attacking BG7 publically on my talk page then pointed it out on IRC then on BG7's talk page and finally on AN.

I then got warned by Nonvocalscream, at that point I saw my error, deleted the account and promply apologized to the community and BG7 (thrice), but they wouldn't have it and started moving towards and ban, so rather than suffer another ban, I retired.

When I returned to #wikipedia-simple the following day, BG7 met me with "what are you doing here?" comments. I said I was here because I could be, to which he replied "BTW if you ever un-retire I will promptly start a petition to have you banned". We argued again which culminated with me getting sick of him treating me like a pile of garbage and I called him a "hateful prick" he then asked me if I was "homophobic" and I said no.

I didn't talk to him for a few weeks, then the day before the English Wikipedia blackout on January 18, I asked his permission on IRC to come out of retirement for the day to help with the expected influx of vandalism and confused enWP users wondering what's going on. He responded negatively and reiterated that if I edit even once he would start a proposal to have me banned. Which astonished myself. DjSasso then suggested that if he wanted to act that way, I should let him fall on his butt. So I let it go.

We haven't had a conversation since. However, on January 29, with the encouragement of Chenzw, I returned to Simple English Wikipedia as a full time editor and, as promised, a ban discussion was started. It failed to have me banned finally putting an end to the saga.