Monday, February 6, 2012

This is why I can't stand some Brits...

So this morning I was looking at news room oddities on YouTube and came across this video here. I watched it and as I usually do, I read the comment section. I came across the following comment:

Its called saint Patrick's day, not saint Patty. If you want to shorten it, call it Paddy, not patty, You retarded Americans probably think that there's actually a saint called Patty

First of all, this coming from a guy who messed the heck up on his grammar and punctuation? If you're gonna start throwing intellect around, the least you can do is not disqualify yourself on poor grammar and punctuation.

Second of all, most of us Americans are not "retarded". (I say "most" because i can't get away with saying "all" because of people like this.) We know it's named for Saint Patrick and not a "Saint Patty". You've never heard of shorthand?

Lastly, who the heck gave you the right to go around and paint with such a broad brush? I know the Queen didn't, I know the Prime Minister didn't. I doubt your secondary school did. Your fellow Brits, my fellow Americans and I, not to mention our fellow Earthlings would appreciate if you dropped the "I'm better than you because I live in England and thus am better educated than you" attitude. You're not making many friends and the few you are are jerks just like you.

So, I replied to him with this:

Yeah, you told us Americans, how dare we spell it the way it sounds. I'll tell you what, you keep your "superior intellect", we'll keep our superior space program and its findings, deal?

Now go good boy! Ok, 8Clips?