Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teen Dramas: Why I watch some of them

It's a well known stereotype that teen girls watch teen dramas on TV and maybe even soap operas. But why do I and some other men watch them? I can't speak for other men, but I can speak for myself. Why I watch them is simple, it's love (sure there's entertainment too but love is reason numero uno). I'll go in to more detail.

It all has to do with love. That feeling of romantic love. When I watch these shows I get to feel the feeling I haven't experience personally in 6 years. I flash back to a time in my life when I was in love and re-experience these moments.

I get to re-experience the feeling I had at times like those slow walks in the moonlight when I was 12. I get to re-experience the feeling I had when I was hiding under swimming pool toys and making out while our annoying little brothers pelted our "safe house" with tennis balls. Or the feeling I had sitting in a dark theater watching "Bruce Almighty" or "Fun with Dick and Jane" or "Must Love Dogs".

I miss this feeling and I watch these shows to think back how I felt in the moments above and somewhat re-experience it. If that makes me weird, I don't care. I simply do not care. I long for the feeling again. I hope to have new moments with this feeling with my new girlfriend. But the 200+ mile distance between us doesn't help.

I'm addicted to that feeling you get in your stomach and chest you get when you're thinking about the one you care about (on a romantic level) or you're with them. I can't explain it. It's an addicting feeling. It's this reason I sometimes sit in my room late at night in the dark listening to old love songs like "I Swear". It's the reason I write poems like "Alone".

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic. I hear some girls dig that. However, I know some guys frown on this and will probably frown on this blog post. But again, I simply don't care.

Finding the girl I'm supposed to marry and share these moments with for the rest of my life is one of my top priorities. Who knows, maybe I've already found her. Maybe she's my current girlfriend. I simply don't know at this moment. I do hope I find this girl and know it soon though.

Whenever I get to experience these moments personally again (I hope it's soon) it will be worth it. I may no longer have a need for watching teen dramas on TV to experience them or I may watch them with my girlfriend/fiance/wife. I don't know. But that is why I watch them now. And that's all the justification I need and I don't need anyone's approval but God's, which I think I do. And that's good enough.