Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kids don't know jack about the Lincoln assassionation anymore

I just asked my brother 5 questions about the Abraham Lincoln assassination and he couldn't answer any of them. I asked him:

  1. What theater was Lincoln shot at?

  2. What play was he watching?

  3. What did John Wilkes Booth shout after shooting the President?

  4. What does that translate to in English?

  5. What type of gun did Booth shoot Lincoln with?

Is this the shape our Florida schools are in? Where kids learn what the FCAT wants to teach them rather than what they should know? Pathetic! For the record, I did consider the possibility he hadn't learned it yet because of what grade he's in, but then I threw that possibility out because I learned that in 8th Grade and he's in 10th.

This is just further evidence our American education system is hurting.