Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abortion: why someone thinks society puts up with it

I found this why looking around the internet, I found it pretty interesting. It's a different take on abortion that I have alluded to in the past. NOTE: Just because I called it interesting and I have alluded to a similar argument in the past doesn't necessarily mean I agree with this person. I do however agree with a few of his points, but not all.

Why do almost all homosexuals advocate for abortion? They can't get pregnant. Why do they fight so hard for something that seems to have nothing to do with them?


Abortion is about the worship of sex. The fight over abortion is not simply about the killing of innocent children or the so-called "freedom of choice." Rather, it is an attempt to remove any restrictions, boundaries, or limitations on sex, homosexual or heterosexual, period. When sex is worshipped(one p or two?) there has to be abortion. The resultant children must be eliminated because their presence will wreak havoc on the whole system. The presence of a child demands a family, commitment and permanence. Therefore, in order for sex to continue without restrictions, the children must be silenced.

Comfort, ease, convenience, material security, and reputation are 95 to 98% of the reasons people list for having an abortion. Abortions are rarely done solely for the health of the mother. Abortion silences the voice of a child who asks with its very being, "Where is my mother? My father? My family?" Abortion erases the consequences of uncommitted, recreational sexuality. That little voice demands responsibility from the young man who, possibly, never even liked the gal he "hooked up" with. There is a good chance their relationship was all about him and his pleasure. It makes sense for him to silence the little voice that will demand responsibility or commitment.

The suddenly pregnant young lady also rejects the consequences of her actions, "It's not the right time. I have plans and dreams. I'm not sure if my boyfriend is committed. I need to finish school or college. I don't have money to support someone else let alone myself." An abortion ensures these very real limits on sexuality remain unchallenged. Logically speaking, abortion is at the end of a conveyor belt in a culture that worships sex.