Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cyrus offends with intolerant picture, Atheists support

I don't like to put stupid comments in the lime light, especially one by music stars or actors, but I feel this one is worth it and needs to be addressed as well as the comments from readers following it.

Miley Cyrus is in the news again. This time she took a jab at her former faith and those who follow it now. It was indirect, but it's there. Take a look.

As usual though Atheists in the comment section have a double standard. If this had been a Christian and they said "forget science" they would be chastised for a variety of reasons. Including, but not limited to "You're dumb." "You're intolerant." etc. But instead, since she pushed a atheistic POV, she's commended for being an intolerant and hateful bimbo. Go figure.

And before you say what she said is true, it doesn't make it any less offensive to Christians to say "forget Jesus" or "Stars died for you" which is a blatant jab at Christianity and meant to cause an uproar. without those two lines, I doubt anything would have been made of this, but since it's there, it's rightly being called out as outrageous and offensive not to mention intolerant by Christians. And if you deny that, you just prove there's a double standard.