Friday, November 11, 2011

Where's the middle ground?

Grunged American FlagSo this really makes me mad. In general, if you don't support a groups cause in politics, you're automatically against them in the worst way possible. There's no middle ground. It's black and white. I hate this because more often than not it gets people painted as something they're not.

An example of this is the LGBT movement. If you support them, you're a tolerant person and a friend. But if you don't for what ever reason, you're automatically a bigoted homophobe. No exceptions. I'm an example of this. I don't support the LGBT movement for religious and moral reasons but I don't hate them. I don't want them to die. I just want them to be tolerant themselves. But no. I'm a homophobic person according to them, solely because I don't support them.

Here's another example. Abortion. On one side of the argument, if you support the pro-choice movement you're either pro-women's rights or you endorse legalized murder. On the other hand if you support the pro-life movement, as I do. You're either a fighter for the lives of unborn babies or anti-Women. Again, there is no middle ground here. You're either Pro-Women or Anti-Women. Or you're Pro-baby or anti-baby. No middle ground.

Here's one final example. The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Again with most, you either support the president and his cause or you're a racist butthole. No middle grown there again, with Liberals in this case. This is another thing I have been a victim of. I don't support the president, in fact I hate his policies and can't wait for him to be voted out next fall. Not for a moment though do I hate him, for his skin color or otherwise. Yet, because I don't support him, I'm automatically a racist butthole to liberals. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

The point of all this is that we've become so partisan in this country. There's no middle ground. There's no compromise anymore. This is why our economy sucks. This is why unemployment is so high. This is why it's hard to call us the "greatest country on Earth" anymore. We're too partisan, as a result we're not passing legislation that needs to be passed to better the country.

It's time to make this country the greatest on Earth again. Time to put our partisanship aside and usher in a second Era of Good Feelings. For the benefit of us as a nation.

Hat tip to John for telling me about the Era of Good Feelings.