Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few quick political things...

Well hey everyone, it's been a while since I wrote on my personal blog, I've focused so much on BRaysball Talk I've nearly forgotten this one. Anyway, I just want to touch on a few things this morning.

First the Mississippi personhood amendment that was defeated last night. This would have essentially made abortion illegal. It was soundly defeated so of course the liberals are celebrating. They call themselves pro-choice but I wonder sometimes if it really is pro-abortion, in the sense that they prefer abortion over birth. I doubt it but I do wonder sometimes with how fervently they fight to keep that "right".

You hear them all the time. "It's the woman's body." or "Why do you care?" I want you to give one good reason why I shouldn't care that a life is being ended. And it's not the woman's body that's being destroyed. It's the fetus' body that will be disposed of like any other medical waste. You'll also often hear the liberals say that it's "a meaningless lump of cells." Are you freaking serious?! A baby or baby-to-be is never a meaningless lump of cells. It's a gift from God that you are throwing away. They claim to have science backing their argument, but I don't understand how science could possibly back up something so heinous.

My bottom line on this is that abortion is dumb, stupid, evil, murder, etc. When are we gonna learn that life is precious, no matter at what stage of development or age. Liberals will fight to the death to defend or avenge someone they never knew 5,000 miles away in Iraq but start talking about babies being aborted and they change their tune. Is that not Bleep up?

The other thing I want to touch 0n real quickly is the Herman Cain "scandal". If you can even call it that, because thus far, it's nothing more than a he said/she said with absolutely no merit on the women's side.

I just find it a little strange that they would come forward just NOW when it would hurt him the worst politically. But before you say it, yes I know they didn't come forward, they were found, but my point still stands, I still find it a little peculiar that this happen just when he started leading in the polls.

I'm not saying these woman are lying, I don't know for certain either way. I think the fourth woman is lying through her teeth but I'm not certain. And the way the liberals are celebrating it, it's disgusting.

Anyway, those are just a couple things I wanted to touch on this morning. Hope to talk again soon!

[UPDATE, 11:15pm]: Cain was asked again about the harassment charges tonight, here's what he had to say below. And for the record, Romney, even thought I don't like him, gained some points with me for his response.