Monday, May 9, 2011

RANT: Homophobia should not and does not mean bigotry

Homophobia does not mean "Bigotry or hatred against Homosexuals". Why? Well let's break the words down.

Homo meaning Homosexuality

Phobia meaning Fear of

So thus, Homophobia means Fear of Homosexuality.

Now I don't know about the rest of world that doesn't like the sin known as Homosexuality, but I certainly don't have a fear of homosexuality. And you can't change the meaning of words to be "fancy". Phobia does not mean hate, phobia does not mean bigotry, phobia does not mean "religious belief against homosexuality", phobia does not mean ignorance. Homophobia should and does mean "fear of Homosexuality".

And don't give me this crock of a excuse of "well ignorance breeds fear". That's a crock of a reason to mess with the dictionary. I don't see you calling Arachnophobia "ignorance and hatred of spiders". I don't see you calling Claustrophobia "ignorance and hatred of small spaces". No, you don't. Why? Because that's not what they mean. They mean fear of x. So you and every other user of that word need to go back to elementary school (or primary school for you UK'ers) and learn breaking down words again.

Personal disclaimer

Now everyone here knows I'm a Christian. The motto that's always been taught to me is "Love the sinner, hate the sin" and I try my humanly best to follow that. I don't hate homosexuals, I just have a hard time respecting those that attack Christianity and it's followers at every chance they get. Most of us are not out to make your lives miserable. We actually trying to better your life in accordance with God's laws. We do not hate you, those I will admit there are some that do, but if they are true followers of Jesus Christ, they will not and do not hate you. I'm personally tired of being demonized based on my faith by LGBT advocates who think they know what they're condemning but don't. I hope you see this soon. May God take care and bless you. — Aaron


Anonymous said...

Language is an evolving entity. The meanings of words change over time, because words are entirely defined by the way in which people use them. One of the most important lessons in linguistics is that dictionary definitions are shit for a hell of a lot of things.

Given that the usage of the word is essentially restricted to "bigotry or hatred of homosexuals", it could be argued that is what it means, regardless of its component words.

Dendodge said...

> "Homo meaning Homosexuality"

No, "homo" means "same".

And whatever the meaning of the Greek roots, the word "homosexuality" has a meaning in English, and language is an evolving entity whose meaning is defined by usage.

Why do I get the feeling you're just looking for things to complain about?

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