Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The commenters on HuffPo amaze me

Remember when NPR fired Juan last year for stating he has a brief moment of fear when he see's a Muslim in traditional Muslim clothes on a plane?

These were comments last year about that on HuffPo:

"This is the best news. I have to say what took them so long?"

"Good they should have fired him for a variety of reasons."

"Excellent. Good riddance."

There were also comment about his lack of journalistic standards.

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Now two NPR excecs resign after calling the Tea Party racist and I guess the journalistic standards went out the window because this is what's being said about the resignations:

"What exactly is the "scandal" here?

Because a fundraiser called out the Tea Baggers for what they are?"

"I am dismayed at her resignatio*n and the big deal made over remarks made by Ron Schiller, NPR's vice president for developmen*t; he is entitled to say what he wants to say when not at work and ironically he works for Public Radio partially supported by public funds in a democracy where we are guaranteed the right to free speech. Both Schiller' should have rolled with the punches. The Tea Partyists are tightly linked to the Koch Brother and John Birch Society. Ron Schiller's hyperbole was closer to the truth than not;"

"Only in this country is telling the truth a scandel."

"Why resign over something so trivial? Who cares if he said the the Teabaggers are racist. Most of them are racist. Besides, this won't stop any attempts at defunding public broadcasti*ng."

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I'm not surprised they're demonizing which they disagree with as "non-journalistic standards" but when their guys attack a group as racist "journalistic standards" matter little cause it's the "truth". Double standard much?