Monday, January 27, 2014

Enough is enough! Time to take a stand!

My fellow conservatives. Enough is enough. I have spent a few years watching you guys comment on articles online and I've come to a conclusion. You guys get riled up but then do hardly anything of substance. You also discount our opposition. What you, my fellow conservatives, fail to realize and do anything about is that we are losing the culture war. You are not spreading the ideas of freedom that conservatism is about. All I hear is this, that and the other thing is idiocy and wrong.

I'm not telling you that you can't have an opinion on what you find morally and socially wrong. But we cannot continue to fail to deliver our message of our idea of freedom. Freedom to make mistakes. Freedom to learn from them. Freedom to sin, and then ultimately freedom to get on our knees and beg forgiveness from the Almighty.

We are losing the culture war and all I see conservatives do is insult each other and the opposition on the internet. How are you helping win for America by insulting people? You're not.

On articles talking about MSNBC's lies, I see comments like "I bet that got all 3 MSNBC viewers riled up!" As low as MSNBC's ratings are, the fact is that they have thousands of viewers. All who perpetuate their lies and continue to put that negative stigma on Conservatism by twisting and manipulating the facts to make us look uncaring and evil. The more you discount them, the more they win.

They have a negative tone on guns, self-responsibility, choosing to be a stay at home mother, adoption, eating meat, and on and on and on. But you guys sit there twiddling your thumbs while America Dream slips further and further away.

A few years ago, we conservatives put on quite a few political rallies. What became of that? We took the House and gained in the Senate. But nothing else came of it. We were still losing the culture war. A culture war we will continue to lose as long as you continue to allow the left wing to continue to perpetuate lies that you want to tyrannically control women, minorities, etc.

They have labeled you racist, homophobic, xenophobic, intolerant, etc. When are you gonna actually take a stand against their lies? When will you quit taking it lying down with passive, insulting comments on the internet? When will conservatism return to the ways of Lincoln? When will conservatism return to the ways of Reagan? Freedom for all.

Economically, they're winning too. Just watch the news. More and more people continue to drop out of the work force as they give up looking for a job because there aren't any. Fast food workers march in the street for a higher minimum wage that they'll likely ultimately get. And with the comments on the internet, it doesn't get across the fact that it will raise prices on the rest of us. It will not raise people out of poverty, it will just raise the poverty level. But no one knows this because you are behind a computer simply saying "their job isn't worth it". You're not out educating on the economic dangers that it raises.

Look, the internet is a great tool. But it's just that: a tool. Not the end all, be all of media. Conservatives have lost public radio. Conservatives have lost the big 3 TV news outlets. (By the way, a rant for a different time is why does news have to have a slant? Just report the facts and let me decide.)

The simple fact is this. Conservatives, we are losing the culture war. More and more kids grow up accustomed to liberalism because of indoctrination at public school and peer pressure. The youth is what got President Obama elected in the first place. Because it was cool to vote for the black guy.

So, Conservatives, you have to ask yourself something. What kind of America do you want? If you want a liberal paradise, please continue to sit and do nothing. We're already on our way there. BUT, if you want the America the Founding Fathers intended. Where people are free to generally do as they please without government intruding. Where you can disagree with something without being reviled by the left. Then stand up. Go out. Take a stand. Spread the word. Because you are never gonna win the culture war sitting on your hands and/or typing on the internet. You can't rely on elected officials to spread your message.

This is a crucial junction point. So, I will ask: What kind of America do you want?