Friday, September 14, 2012

Hey, Everyone! Some updates for you.

Hey, everyone! I just thoughts I'd check in and share a few thoughts. I haven't posted much lately on here. Been too hung up in BRaysball Talk.

First off, nothing has really changed in my life unfortunately. I'm still as anxiety driven house-bound as I was last time we talked. I pray for God's help to finally build up the courage to go seek help. Our God is awesome. I know he can.

My brother started up another season of Marching band about a month ago. I haven't seen any of the show yet and I want to. It's his Junior year and I've only been to one game, I'm incredibly disappointed in myself about that. I do plan to go off to the Oct. 5th home game against the Bolts and just have some fun. Haven't had fun outside the house in a while which is a shame. I have a promise to keep to someone. I'm gonna keep it.

Have you heard of these attacks in Libya, Egypt and Yemen on our embassies? It's just shocking and infuriating. Our grand old flag has been torn down and burned a few times and one of our Ambassadors has been murdered. I'm also hearing that he was raped before being murdered. We also lost three other Americans in these attacks. And where is Obama? Las Vegas. I don't want to get in to a big political rant but is this really what's important? Partying it up in Las Vegas with supporters while our embassies are under attack over a dang movie? Wow.

The election is getting close. About 54 days. I've already made up my mind, made it up long ago. And I can't wait for November 6th. Who are you voting for?

So, on Monday I chose not to watch Raw this week. And about 9pm I was playing MW3 and my dad told me that Cole was talking about CPR and I switched over to see what was going on and Jerry Lawler had a heart attack on air. That's scarey, but in the end it was the best case scenario because doctors were right there to start administering help and it looks like Jerry will make it. YAY!

To keep this from being a completely meaningless diatribe of nothing. Have you seen the Rays lately? They look bad. Yeah they're four back and control their own fate but their messing it up right now. Getting swept by the O's. And now they head to NYC to see what they can pull off against the Yankees. Only 19 games left, if they're gonna make their move, now's the time.

Lastly, I want to touch on a few plans I have for BRaysball Talk this coming offseason. I do plan to try to upgrade the standings table. Completely redesign them from the ground up so I'm not reliant on hosted pics. Gonna get the "Next 3 Series" table redesigned to fit the feel of the site better. Plan on getting the sidebar headers customized so it's not this small, bolded, small-caps text. Also gonna refine the game review "formula", it's close to being where I want it, but the making a game log thing is way too much hassle. Gotta fix that. And most importantly, I need to get the website in better compliance with copyright. Don't need any lawsuits coming my way because let's face it, I'm broke. No money for a lawyer and I have no desire to see a jail cell.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and give y'all an update on a few things happening in my life. God bless, talk to y'all later.