Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review of the "new" TweetDeck

New TweetDeck logo
Old TweetDeck logo
So 2 days ago Twitter, who now owns TweetDeck, released the new version of TweetDeck, version 1.0. The update replaces the last remnants of the the TweetDeck users of the program fell in love with in the last real version, version 0.38.2. So I thought I'd make everyone a list of the things I like and don't like in the "new" TweetDeck. Just a note, this review is based on the Windows version, I don't know how much if anything is different, better or worse for the Mac version as I don't have a Mac. I may expand this later to add the iPod Touch version but for now this is based on the Windows version.

First things first before the list I gotta say the look of the program, is a little more please to the eye, however the program was removed from Adobe AIR which makes it not run quite as smooth, especially the pop-up notifications.

That said the ability to rename search columns easily was removed, now instead of just clicking edit and typing in a new search term, you have to click column settings, delete it and create a new column with the desired search term. This makes it a little harder for people like myself who like to keep the team their team is playing next to their teams column to follow the game conversation.

Another thing removed is the ability to scroll and just display the columns you want. Now you have to view four column a couple of which you may not want to view. For example, instead of viewing the specific four columns I want to see, like this, I now have to click one set of columns to see 1 to 3 of them and click a different set to see the other ones. This makes setting up for live tweeting during sporting events or other special events tougher.

Customization has also taken a hit in the new version of the program. Customization in version 0.38.2 was so great, you could make the program act like you wanted and look and fell how you wanted. That has all been downsized to a few simple options of whether you want live tweet streaming and how you want a tweeter's name displayed. That's it.

There are few other minor things like the removal of the ability to hit "enter" to send the tweet. I know this will be a big deal to a select few, but in the new version they removed support of LinkedIn, Google Buzz (which is actually now defunct in favor of Google+), Foursquare and MySpace. They've also removed the ability to minimize to the system tray in Windows.

Here's what I do like, however. I do like the new color scheme, it's a little easier on my eyes. Helps that my favorite color is blue. I do like the ability to post to Facebook pages you run that was added. The search bar is a nice feature too.

Overall, it's nice, but I prefer the 0.38.2 version to the "new" 1.0 version in so many ways. I will keep both versions for the time being as both have their perks. If you just want one on your computer though, just stick with the "old" 0.38.2 version.

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