Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brace yourselves...

Out of sheer boredom I popped in to watch a few minutes of Maddow and caught sight of a new phrase she's coining and has already taken off on twitter. (Links: 1, 2)

IOKIYAR = It's OK If You're A Republican

She coined this to point out Republican hypocrisies. For example when two Republicans came out and said they had affairs, Eric Cantor said about each incident when asked "we must pray for [their families] but what happens to [their] job is up to [their] constituents." But when this whole Wiener thing started, Cantor said "we must pray for his family but what happens to his job is up to his constituents, but I think he should resign." And it's the stuff after the comma that is inciting hatred from Maddow and her TV viewers that sparked this new phrase as they think he's a hypocrite and has double standards.

They're acting holier than thou when they have worse double standards and hypocrisies. It has sparked this tweet from me. Spread the word on our new phrase:

IOKIYAD = It's OK If You're A Democrat

It's OK, I'm a Democrat.