Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When did Tebow's rights disappear?!

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow sporting his black eye-paint
with a Bible Verse, in this case its
John 3:16
Ok well, first off, hi, and thanks for reading my first real blog on my new blog site. Now on to business. There's a couple of opinion writers that wrote their hate on Tim Tebow (right) wearing a bible verse on the black paint under his eye. (Read the posts: 1, 2)

This is absolutely rediculous in my opinion, as Tebow has every right to express his religion, not only because of the Freedom of Religion but also the Freedom of Speech. I don't get it honestly. One of the posters went as far to say "We separate church and state. Why not church and sports?" Are you freaking kidding me, this guy is an athiestic loon, he can't stand religion so he takes it out on others. This guy should be taken outside and have a copy of the constitution shoved down his throat.

I mean this is stupid, Tebow has every human right to do that, if you find it offensive, you have a remote, turn the channel, cause you can't take the Christianity out of Tebow, Now I'll admit I'm sorta biased as a Christian and Gator fan myself, but this goes beyond that, if I didn't know Tebow existed and found out about this, it would still tick me off.

Why should it matter from any point of view?! It hurts no one. Now seeing as this is my first blog it's not flowing that well, I expect my post to get longer and more "Blog like" as time goes on. But for now, bottom line is these guys need a reality check. Until next time, take it easy, and God bless. — Aaron